The beauty of Hair Style is the form that allows every woman to express their class and sensuality...

Starting with the a soft and natural line cut, following more regular proportions to adapt to the face, A2 proposes also Shatush, one of the special colouring and bleaching techniques, combined with the use of high quality products (ammonia free) guarantee a natural effect and hair care.
Colour, wavy effect and brightness. The fashion must have is the search for a natural effect.

This unique technique, which characterizes the Miami Style, consists of two steps:

  • the hair is back combed to increase its volume and the segment exposed to direct treatment, then volume reduced decolorizers are alternately applied so that the hair is two or three tones lighter than its natural colour.
  • It is the ultimate in hair care and beauty.
Versatility and harmony is in fact the philosophy that characterizes the work of the group created by Alberto.

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